-Length and Cost of Flight

Your sweet adventure can last anywhere between one hour or longer depending on the season and weather.  We charge $225.00 a person and our balloon can carry 2-3 people plus the pilot.

We also have romantic package that is $500.00 a couple.  You are guaranteed to have a private basket, 2 people plus the pilot, and there will be a bottle of champagne in the basket.

Gift Certificates:We do offer gift certificates that can be used towards a flight.

Tether Events: $600 an hour with a minimum of 2 hours.

Walk-Thru Events: $300 for the first two hours, each additional hour is $100.

-Who Can Fly

Flying in a hot air balloon is a wonderful and exciting experience. The flight is quite peaceful and serene. Normally, the landings are fairly gentle. Occasionally, however, they can be bumpy and on rare occasions, the impact with the ground can be quite hard, presenting the possibility of injury. Therefore, we must request that passengers have the ability to hang on tightly to the basket and be able to flex their legs upon landing. Passengers with any physical or medical problems must inform us of them prior to their date of flight. Unfortunately, we can not take pregnant women or children under the age of five.​​

​-​When We Fly

​Ballooning is a sweet adventure that can be enjoyed year round.  We fly on Saturdays, Sundays, and holiday weekends.  Sky Candy flies in the morning, just after sunrise and about 2 hours before sunset.  We may not fly in the evenings during the months of June, July, or August as the afternoon storms can pop up unexpectedly.  If your flight must be cancelled due to unfavorable weather conditions, we will reschedule ​​for a mutually agreeable date.

-​What to wear and bring

​We suggest that you wear comfortable clothing, that is appropriate for each season.  Please do not wear any clothing that can hang loose, as it could get caught in the fan.  We also suggest tennis shoes, but please no open toe or high heel shoes.  If you have a morning flight, you may wish to wear water-proof footwear to keep the dew from getting on your feet. 

You may also want to bring your still camera and/or video camera along with you to take pictures and video of your sweet flying adventure.​


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