Our Company

Sky Candy Balloons, LLC was founded in February of 2015 in Kannapoils, NC.  We started out as crew members for seven years. In the fall of 2014, after falling in love with ballooning, we decided to buy a balloon and start our own company.  With the help of Patrick Grogan, we have started a ride business and attend numerous balloon festivals on the east coast. 

Patrick Grogan

and wife, Felicia

Our Mission

To give people a sweet flying adventure and bring happiness to people's lives.  To let people satisfy their thrills or dreams.  Also, let people check off a bucket list item! 

Sean Richardson

and wife, Brittany

Sean grew up in Wellsville, NY, home of The Great Wellsville Balloon Rally, so balloons were in Sean's life since he was a little boy.  He would ride his bike to chase the balloons and help the pilots in need. 

Sean attended college at Alfred State and majored in Automotive Studies.  After college, he moved to Charlotte, NC and started to work in the car business.  Sean met his wife, Brittany in NC and they started to crew for numerous balloon pilots.  They helped out for seven years before they decided to buy a hot air balloon and start the process of Sean getting his license. 

​Sean recently received his commercial pilot rating and has over 100 hours.  Since receiving his commercial rating he has been flying up and down the east coast. 

Now his wife, Brittany is learning to fly.  It will be a little while before she can take passengers, but we are so excited that she wants to fly her own balloon!

Sky Candy Balloons

Patrick started his ballooning interest at the Statesville balloon rally in 1990, when he crewed for a balloon from Plano, TX and had his first balloon ride. For the next three years, he continued to crew for a couple different pilots and increased his basic knowledge of ballooning,

​In August 1993, he started taking flight lessons and by June 1994 he received his commercial rating.

​Since that time, he has flown over 600 hours in many different states and in Canada.  He has also flown different sizes of balloons from a 77,000 cubic feet to 180,000 cubic feet and a couple of different manufacturers.